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we have best team available for  the printer service that is certified with printer technology and Our Engineer handle carefully any printer related issue . Manage and server all types of printer like Network printer, DMP, Color laser jet printer, Laser printer, Passbook printer etc. and we provide all parts of printer on reliable price and one step solution in printer services.Traditionally, a printer in someone’s home was connected to one PC and all printing was done from that computer only. Network printing extends this capability to other devices in the home and even remotely via the Internet.

Printers Having Built-In Network Feature

A class of printers, often called network printers, are specifically designed for connecting directly to a computer network. Larger businesses have for a long time integrated these printers into their company networks for their employees to share.

Network printers for home and small businesses look similar to other types but feature an Ethernet port, while many newer models incorporate built-in Wi-Fiwireless capability. To configure these kinds of printers for networking:

Networking Printers Using in Microsoft Windows

All modern versions of Windows include a feature called File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks that allows a printer connected to one PC to be shared with other PCs on a local network. This method requires the printer be actively connected to the PC, and that computer is running so that other devices can reach the printer through it.

To network a printer via this method:

  1. Enable sharing on the computer. From within the Network and Sharing Center of Control Panel, choose “Change advanced system settings” from the left-hand menu and set the option to “Turn on file and printer sharing.”
  2. Share the printer. Choose the Devices and Printers option on the Start menu, select the “Printer properties” after right-clicking on the target computer, and check the “Share this printer” box within the Sharing tab.


  • Printers can be installed on a PC via Devices and Printers. Some printers when purchased also come with software utilities (either on CD-ROM or downloadable from the Web) intended to help simplify the installation process, but these are generally optional.


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